Senior Marketing Manager

Remote (United States) New York, NY

About us:

GrailPay has built the lowest cost and most rewarding payments at checkout by providing online merchants with the capability to accept pay by bank.

Here are a few benefits:

- Significant processing savings - We process at 0.95% + $0.20 / transaction

- High checkout conversion - Fast, premium checkout experience with rewards for shoppers

- Flexibility - GrailPay’s payments stack can process for e-commerce, SaaS, and any vertical that accepts payments on the internet

We are on a mission to cut out the inefficient, expensive toll booths (the big banks + card networks) and provide merchants the lowest-cost payments while offering shoppers a super fast, rewarding payment experience.


We’re looking for a marketing manager to define and execute on GrailPay’s marketing strategy. At this early stage, this is a super dynamic role where you’ll be getting exposure to all sorts of marketing. This entails:

- Email marketing

- Search advertising

- A/B testing the shopper journey to conversion

- Brand building

Building shopper trust and awareness is really important. At the same time, GrailPay is also building a network of e-commerce merchants for which we need to develop inbound growth. This will come from a combination of product marketing and determining the appropriate rewards structure (straight discounts, free shipping with GrailPay, etc.) that engages and converts shoppers. As we set up product marketing, and in-bound growth from merchants, we have to consciously build the brand that shoppers trust and choose everytime they see GrailPay at checkout.

Since you will be the first member of the team in marketing, you will have control over your priorities in marketing and company-wide marketing strategy. You have to be very comfortable setting goals yourself and building marketing from the ground up.

Excited to build, learn, and grow with you! 

The role:

We will give you lots of room to define the marketing strategy that sets us up for success. We will foster a relationship based on trust and we will give you what you need just as much as we expect you to be proactive. We need someone willing to think outside of the box and position us for growth as we bring on merchants and shoppers across a variety of verticals.

-   Build trust with shoppers across social channels, search, and anywhere a shopper may look to see “Who is GrailPay and why should I pay with them?”

-   Build an inbound merchant acquisition strategy (Setting up email, search, and social media marketing)

-  Earn product feedback and iterate on our messaging

-  A/B test messaging and rewards for the shopper payments journey 

What you’ll need:

-   At least 3 years of experience in marketing or general revenue generation roles

-   Forthright, go-getting attitude. You have to be confident in your own ability to set up a marketing strategy and execute on it

-  Creativity. Think outside the box and come up with wild ideas to test

-   Comfort in an early-stage environment

-   Over-communicate your needs

-   Ideally fintech (e.g., neobanks, BNPL, wallets) or affiliate marketing (e.g., Honeys, Rakutens of the world) growth experience

Even if you don’t meet 100% of the above qualifications, we still highly recommend you apply. Character and your ability to execute are critical for our success. We’re building and learning together. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to learn and take the next big step in their career.


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