Senior Growth Marketer

Remote (United States)

💡 Wanna join us? Shoot me an email at with either your resume or your LinkedIn (resume preferred). Mention “Looking to apply” in the subject line so I know you’re a human and I can guarantee you a reply within 48 hours.

Compensation: Up to $150,000 salary (USD) and up to 0.5% equity

In short: We’ve gotten really good at one marketing channel (SEO) and we’re looking for a full-time growth marketer who can help us systematically test and grow other customer acquisition channels. You’ll be our first marketing hire outside of our SEO/ content team.

Note: This a full-time remote role for anyone in the US and we currently cannot offer assistance in obtaining US work authorization.

Who the heck are we?

We’re BeamJobs—helping job seekers navigate the often frustrating, ambiguous process of finding and landing a new job throughout each step of the search.

Here’s where we’re at:

  • We launched our resume builder in June 2020
  • Since then, we’ve helped over 500,000 job seekers across the globe improve their resumes
  • We get over 600,000 unique visitors to our site each month
  • We’re a team of 3 full-time employees (including the 2 co-founders) and 7 contractors
  • We work 100% remotely
  • We’re just getting started and we’ve been rapidly growing since our launch

You’ll be working most closely with me (hi I’m Stephen, one of the co-founders). Before BeamJobs, we had no marketing experience. Since then, after a LOT of mistakes, we got good at content and SEO. Now, we have a great team running and growing that operation and we need an experienced marketer who can help us grow other channels. That’s where you come in.

The position

We’re looking for a senior growth marketer who is excited about owning, testing, and growing new marketing channels. Our vision is to grow a team under you as new channels prove successful.

We know when it comes to marketing there is so much we don’t know. Our philosophy is to hire smart people, support them, and get out of their way.

What we’re looking for

  • Your primary job will be to set a cadence of regular growth experiments. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty as you’ll plan and execute these experiments yourself (with additional resources as needed of course) to start.
  • You have a reproducible testing process and can constantly generate new growth experiment ideas.
  • You’ll constantly be optimizing our customer acquisition funnels.
  • You prioritize the highest ROI experiments and think big. You understand that overhauling an entire funnel can have a bigger impact than changing button colors for example.
  • Once experiments are live you’ll share the results with the team and continuously iterate to improve previous experiments.
  • I really want to hammer this home. We have one customer acquisition channel right now and haven’t seriously explored other channels (we don’t even send emails to our users). We’re hoping this opportunity excites you more than overwhelms you.
  • You’re data driven. You know how to determine whether a new marketing channel/ experiment is working through metrics.
  • You set and hit your deadlines. Everyone on our team has a high degree of autonomy (we do one call per week on average) so we’ll depend on you to hit the goals you set for yourself.
  • You’re pleasant to work with. We’ve worked hard to make sure everyone on our team is kind and respectful. No jerks allowed.
  • You’re interested in building a team under you. Once a new channel proves effective you want to hire people to execute on that channel.

Your profile

We’re looking for a marketer who has been around the block and is interested in joining an early-stage startup. That involves the ability to adapt quickly, a desire to understand how to improve the health of the business, and someone who can tolerate the occasional dad joke. A bit about you:

  • You’re eager to work at a small but growing bootstrapped startup (we operate on revenue, not heaps of VC cash).
  • You have proven experience launching new growth experiments and growing new marketing channels from scratch to meaningful revenue.
  • You have a reproducible methodology/ strategy for coming up with new growth experiments.
  • You’re comfortable working in ambiguity and are deeply curious. For example, if you identify a potential new marketing experiment but you don’t yet have experience with that channel, you’re excited about the potential of learning it.
  • You have the creativity/ desire to execute on your plan. While we envision this role to grow into a managerial role, you’ll start by being your own boots on the ground and executing your own strategy.
  • We’re a B2C SaaS company and while it’d be great if you had that specific experience, we know this can be needlessly limiting. You should be comfortable with SaaS lingo (things like LTV, churn, CAC, etc..).
  • You have experience turning traffic into customers and optimizing funnels. We measure success via revenue (we are bootstrapped after all) so you know your work doesn’t end once someone reaches our site.
  • You’re an effective written communicator. We don’t have many meetings so it’s critical you can communicate concisely and effectively via email and fully document your processes.

What do we offer?

  • 💰 Competitive salary (up to $150,000 USD)
  • 📈 Equity in the business (up to .5%)
  • 🚀 A great opportunity for you to grow fast and learn a lot
  • ⚖️ Work-life balance (I work ~6 focused hours in an average day)
  • 🌏 100% remote & flexible schedule
  • 💻 Paid laptop and accessories of your choice
  • 🛠 Latest productivity software (we <3 Notion)
  • 🏝 3 weeks of paid vacation per year (plus US federal holidays and a 2 week company-wide break in December)

What’s next?

Intro call (30-45 minutes)

Meet Stephen to talk about the role/company and your background. Here, I’ll be specifically looking to understand your framework for identifying and testing new growth marketing experiments.

Paid take-home project

We’ll set you up with a mini-marketing project. You’ll then be paid to implement this project (~7-10 hours) on your own time. We’ll have a debrief afterwards to talk about your work. This will focus on your strategic (i.e. coming up with and prioritizing growth experiments) and tactical (i.e. implementation) skills.

Meet the other co-founder (30 minutes)

You’ll have a 30 minute chat with Justin, our other co-founder. You’ll work through a business problem to get a sense of how you two work and brainstorm together.

Job offer (45 minutes)

You’ll meet with Stephen one more time to review final compensation numbers, go over the details of the job, and discuss what you’re looking for.

💡 Wanna join us? Shoot me an email at with either your resume or your LinkedIn (resume preferred). Mention “Looking to apply” in the subject line so I know you’re a human and I can guarantee you a reply within 48 hours.


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