Senior Digital Marketing Manager


Daily is WebRTC video and audio for every developer. We're building the APIs and infrastructure to power the future of video, and the Internet.

Developers use Daily to build live, real-time video and audio experiences into any app . They can embed a fully working call in minutes. Our customers work across use cases, like events, edtech, and healthcare. We're a remote team with over $60 million raised, from investors including YC, Tiger Global, and Slack Fund. As a team, we emphasize kindness and diversity.

We're hiring a Sr. Digital Marketing Manager to own lead generation. You're responsible for acquisition, testing and scaling across channels like SEM, paid media, and SEO, and also awareness campaigns. You'll work on projects like marketing automation and nurture campaigns to drive both self-service and sales pipeline.

Most of all, we're looking for colleagues who want to be part of a kind, driven team; build a product they're proud of; and go after a big opportunity.


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