Marketing Strategist

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Who We Are

We are a fully remote team, open to hiring in the United States and Canada.

For more information about how our team thinks and operates, read our company Playbook.

Why Are We Hiring?

We’re hiring a Marketing Strategist to build brand trust and awareness, leading to the growth of our company. 

At Lightmatter, we have a unique opportunity to be a leader in providing health-tech services. We're trusted by our clients and peers, have proven ourselves successful through the growth of our business (50 people, profitable, no outside funding), and have a clear vision for what we want our company to become.

Until now, we’ve grown almost entirely through word of mouth. Now that we’ve identified our niche and growth goals for the next few years, we’re ready for a dedicated team member to lead and experiment with a more proactive marketing approach. 

More About The Role

You will be our first marketing hire at Lightmatter. This will be a critical and creative role working directly with our CEO, CTO, Chief of Staff, Creative Director, and others on our leadership team. 

We’re looking for a candidate who understands the nuances between marketing agency services vs. digital products. We want to find somebody who can think critically and push the boundaries of traditional marketing tactics.

Although it’s up to you to drive our overall marketing and brand strategy, our first initiative is to create and distribute written content. Despite our company’s success and growth, we haven't spent time articulating and sharing the knowledge we've learned over the years about healthcare and technology. As an agency working with a variety of health companies, we see frequent patterns across their design and technology choices, business models, and operating strategies. We want to build a compelling library of health-tech knowledge using this experience for our clients, our own team, and the greater health-tech community.

For our content strategy specifically, you'll be directly responsible for sourcing and prioritizing content ideas, working with our Content Writer and Design team to turn these into blog and social posts, and distributing them across our network. We'd like to engage with other companies and thought leaders in health as well as develop our own audience.

What You’ll Do For Us

  • Identify new opportunities to drive our brand value and visibility.
  • Create, execute, and monitor our marketing strategy.
  • Work closely with our leadership team to refine this strategy and create the necessary assets to succeed in your role.
  • Understand, explore, and participate in online health-tech communities.
  • Source content ideas from these communities, our own team, and other thought leaders and companies.
  • Curate and distribute a collection of high-quality content. This may be through a newsletter, our own blog, Twitter, another platform - you decide the most strategic channels.
  • Design and test experiments across new channels and new audiences, potentially including: warm outreach, email marketing, paid advertising campaigns, SEO ranking, conferences and events, etc.
  • Cultivate and maintain our brand voice throughout your work, developing an audience, and thoughtfully responding to industry news and events.

What You’ll Need to Be Successful

  • 5+ years of relevant marketing experience, ideally in health and wellness or a services company. Agency experience is a plus.
  • Confidence in your ability to grow a brand and generate new business that aligns with our team’s mission and culture.
  • Ability to blend both traditional marketing funnels and experiences with new ones you discover and test. We do not want to do what everyone else is doing, but we also need to achieve some table stakes given we've never chosen to market ourselves before.
  • Ability to measure success and report on the performance of marketing efforts.
  • You have a holistic understanding of content marketing and can leverage its various facets (blog content, distribution channels, reporting, SEO, etc) to advise on strategies.
  • Ability to develop novel opinions about industry news that resonate with current and potential customers. We like spiky points of view.
  • You have an extremely high EQ with a natural ability to communicate clearly, build relationships, and collaborate across different teams pragmatically.
  • Excellent organizational, time management, writing, communication, decision-making, and presentation skills. 

What We’ll Do For You

  • Competitive Salary & 401k Plan
  • Unlimited paid vacation and sick-leave. Team members can take what they need, when they need it. You even get a bonus if you meet our minimum annual PTO requirement.
  • Paid parental leave.
  • Exceptional healthcare coverage: Lightmatter pays 100% of your Dental and Vision premiums, as well as 50% of your Medical premiums.
  • Work remotely wherever you work best!
  • The best tech (laptops to create, headphones to flow, standing desks to stay healthy).
  • Flexible hours (for that midday nap, run, long lunch, reading session, or meditation).
  • Ongoing education because we like our people smart (no scrubs).
  • Our company does not offer equity as we’re not a venture backed startup. However, there’s the possibility in the future of profit sharing for our employees split at year’s end based on tenure.

Lightmatter is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Our policy is to be inclusive, supportive, and kind to every team member, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination of any kind. The law and our policies protect all employees with regards to any protected characteristic, be it race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, pregnancy, gender, gender expression, or gender identity. We expect that every Lightmatter employee maintains an environment of respect, understanding, and support. Lightmatter makes hiring decisions based solely on qualifications, merit, and business needs at the time.


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