Head of Marketing

Remote (United States) New York, NY

Do you want autonomy, clear goals, and work that matters? Join RC as Head of Marketing.

There’s a better way to learn: one that relies on diversity and nurtures curiosity. We’ve been building it for over a decade.

Now, you can join the Recurse Center and help more people discover RC and transform their lives through self-directed, accessible, and community-driven education.

In the long run, you can help replace the now dominant view — explicitly or implicitly accepted by most of the world — that growth is the result of curricula, fear, competition, and coercion. Together, we can show that curiosity, collaboration, and community are more conducive to growth, and that deciding what you want to learn and how you want to learn it is a fundamental right and within the capacity of people of all ages.

Read the full job post to learn more about RC, our interview process, hiring rubric, the role, and what we think is good (and bad) about this job.


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