Athena powers elite founders, world-class investors, and top thought leaders with an Executive Assistant and delegation coaching. Clientele include founders of 1000+ companies (from early-stage YC companies to 20+ unicorns) with $30B+ enterprise value; VCs and angels managing $100B+ who've funded 100+ unicorns and 5 decacorns including Stripe, SpaceX, and Airbnb; and thought leaders from the White House, former Governors, 10x+ NYT best-selling authors, and A-list podcasters with a combined 250m+ downloads.

Athena is growing extremely fast. We’ve added ~1000 full-time employees in the last 18 months. Growth is driven entirely by word-of-mouth. As our first growth hire you will have the opportunity to add gasoline to an already roaring fire.

You will report directly to the CEO (Robert Hayes) who scaled his previous company to 20,000+ employees and $500M+ in revenue. You will also get to work with the Founder (Jonathan Swanson) who scaled his previous company Thumbtack to $3B+, and who was personally involved in Thumbtack’s creative growth initiatives. You will also be able to leverage lots of assistants for fast and scrappy tests.

The market size for Athena’s current offering is absolutely massive (potential for billions of dollars of revenue/year) and there are new offerings in the works to expand the market even further, which we’re happy to discuss privately. We are excited to swing for the fences and have conviction that a $10B+ company will be built in this space — and we’re determined to be that company. :)


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