Austin, Texas, United States

Meet Jasper, your AI writing assistant. Quickly write creative, persuasive marketing copy that's SEO optimized and plagiarism-free. Marketers, give yourself a promotion and get your AI assistant to do the tedious writing tasks.

– About our company –

We're a Y Combinator-backed tech startup in Austin, TX with ~50 employees (and growing very fast) who currently support 56,000+ paying customers. We believe every Batman needs a Robbin. In the future, everyone will have artificial intelligence assist them in their jobs. Jasper currently focuses on helping marketers, yet we have our vision of helping all team members break through writer's block and automate their content workflows.

– Amazing Career Opportunities –

Jasper is a fast-paced company with great employee benefits, stock options, and while we are based in Austin, TX we are open to remote positions. If you're looking for your next BIG career move take a look at our open positions: https://jasper.ai/careers.